About us



Ben is the Director and Owner of “RGB Event Lighting”.

It is his 5th year in New Zealand, after emigrating from the UK. Ben’s foundations are in the Fine Arts and Mixed Media.

You will find the two aspects of Bens work on this site:

• The Event Lighting Company works with Clients to produce High End, Creatively Driven, Light Shows to meet all scales, occasions and budgets.

• The Fine Arts part of Ben which is portrayed under “Clyngfilm Arts”, which is Ben’s old company name from the UK and is now his Sculpture, Paintings and Photography.

Please have a look around  and if you have any questions or wish to employ Ben in his creative capacity, then please make contact.

Client List

Light Nelson 2013
Nelson Opera in the Park 2013
Adam Chambers Music Concert 2013
Nelson Arts Festival 2012,
Nelson Mass Carnival 2011, 2012
Paddy Free (Pitch Black) (NZ)
Prana New Year festival – all lighting requirements (NZ) 2011, 2012, 2013
Sola Rosa (NZ)
Midnight Youth (NZ)
Batacuda Sound Machine (NZ)
OKA (Aus)
Rugby World Cup (NZ)
The Managers (NZ)
Mamaku Project (NZ)
Waitakere Fire works display (NZ)
Luminate festival – all stages & Site (NZ) 2011, 2012, 2013
Zion Hill (NZ)
Macombe and the Absolute Truth (NZ)
Barons of Tang (NZ)
Scratch Perverts
Corner Stone Roots (NZ)
Bandit TV – ( live bands )
Imperial College London –  summer Ball
Cardiff Students Union – laser shows
Sub 29 / Sub live – Band lighting
Celtic Blue Rock Festival
Waveform Festival
Blue Lagoon – 2005 to 2010
Glastonbury – Avalon Cafe / Wisecrone / Cafe’ Tango
Big Green Gathering / permaculture
Green Man / far out stage – 2009
Bedlum / drum and bass nights
Croissant Neuf Summer Party – 2008
The Super Furry Animals
Living Colour

Alabama 3
Ben Ottwell (Gomez)
Stanton Warriors