Phi Water Video

This image comes from Ben’s latest Phi Water Video, series entitled ‘Resurgence’, that was performed live with live audio of the sacred water, where filming was done, at Riwaka Resurgence, Pupu springs and Wainui falls; sacred water coming forth from Takaka Marble mountain.

The water from Pupu Springs is up to 6 years being cleansed and energised as it passes through the limestone and crystal Rocks. The water has been shown to be some of the purest water in the Southern Hemisphere, and has ancient Healing properties. Filming the Water in a series of about 30 video’s, slowing down the frame rate, using sacred geometry fractal ratios into the water and then visualy enharncing it has created what has been considered Meditative and on a molecular level Healing pieces of Film.

This project was Produced for Light Nelson’s second year and show cased to 40,000 people over 2 nights in ‘Queen’s Gardens’.

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